Dinowalrus – “Phone Home from The Edge”

I thought about Dinowalrus today after reading this tweet of theirs: “twin memory sister tapes shadow house.” Names. When I posted about them last winter I pointed out their name, noting that, moniker in mind, the trio’s mix of “No Wave jaggedness (both No New York-era and Black Dice circa 2001), jazz skronk, outer-realm brain rattling/soul soothing, Comets On Fire psychedelia, and Downtown art-rock isn’t the twee-pop you might expect.” Now we have more: This past summer in Queens they recorded nine songs for their second album with Matt Walsh of the Forms. Our first taste is the colorfully percussive, hypnotic “Phone Home from the Edge.” Sonically, it’s smoother than what I’ve heard previously, sorta like co-vocalist/guitarist Pete Feigenbaum is mind-melding with his “synthwave” side-project OPTMSM. Conceptually, I’m told it’s possibly “an allusion to ET, U2 and those horrendous condos on the Williamsburg waterfront.” Outside of ET and U2, I was thinking it could also involve a rained out JellyNYC show or two, a little cocaine, and maybe some “bro” phoning his mom from the Edge, asking for his monthly allowance. Either way…

Dinowalrus – “Phone Home From The Edge”

Also, with old drummer Josh is in BTW Regal Degal, they’re now joined by Anton Hochheim of the Depreciation Guild. Look for the new record in mid 2011.

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