Nicole Atkins Covers Can (Stereogum Premiere)

A couple months ago we posted the A-Side from the two-song “Vultures” 7″, Nicole Atkins’s first post-Columbia release for new label, Razor & Tie. At the time we mentioned it was backed by a cover of “Vitamin C,” one of the more popular tracks from Can’s 1972, still fresh classic Ege Bamyasi, the album that gave Spoon their name and Kanye West a “Drunk and Hot Girls” sample, helped make Thurston Moore and Steve Malkmus the men they are today. It also provides a suitable groove for Atkins to do her best Damo Suzuki without losing her own voice in the process.

Nicole Atkins – “Vitamin C” (Can Cover)

The “Vultures” b/w “Vitamin C” 7″ is out via Razor & Tie. You can purchase it at Expect a new full-length Mondo Amore in early 2011. And if you don’t own Ege Bamyasi, you should probably grab a copy.