Pavement Don’t Have No Function, Says Billy Corgan

You’ll have to read Billy Corgan’s “[Pavement] have no love” comments through the lens of the similarly phrased Smashing Pumpkins diss in “Range Life,” but if you’re an old-time advocate of Malkmus & Co. and decide to look closely at the ongoing reunion through the lens of the band’s earlier sentiments, ethics, and lyrics, you may also have to admit to a couple nagging truths over there in Tweetland. (Or maybe the Pavement reunion is just another harmless byproduct from The Year Nostalgia Broke.) Whatever the case, Corgan was inspired to fan the flames because Pavement are out on tour with the Smashing Pumpkins, nature kids … or at least they’re playing a show with them in Brazil:

Just found out SP is playing with Pavement in Brazil. It’s gonna be 1 of those New Orleans type funerals… I say that because they represent the death of the alternative dream, and we follow with the affirmation of life part… funny how those who pointed the big finger of ‘sell out’ are the biggest offenders now…yawn. they have no love… by the way, we’ll be the band up there playing NEW songs because we have the love xx

(Via P4K, via @billy)

It’s about time those elegant bachelors Stone Temple Pilots issued a statement, too.