Soft Circle – “Reaper”

Soft Circle write-ups are bound to mention that the multi-tasking New York musician Hisham Akira Bharoocha was a founding member of Lightning Bolt and Black Dice, but he’s been at this percussive (mostly) solo project (and organizing Boredoms multi-drummer events, etc.) for so long, those earlier spots feel like ancient history. “Mostly solo” because the second Soft Circle full-length Shore Obsessed features Benjamin Vida (Town And Country, Bird Show, Singer) on synth/guitar and frequent collaborator (and oOoOO inspiration) Matteah Baim adds her dusky vocals to three tracks. The half a dozen times I’ve seen Soft Circle live it’s been Bharoocha with his drums, loops, and voice conjuring tracks that his label, PPM, rightly describes as a communal mingling of ESG and Ravi Shankar. Here they sound fleshier and dancier and feature more room for breath-catching without losing any of the trance-y, tribal circularity. Get a taste with “Reaper.”
Soft Circle – “Reaper”

Shore Obsessed

01 “First Time”
02 “Don’t Know”
03 “Treading Water”
04 “Light Bright”
05 “Take Flight”
06 “Nerve of People”
07 “Reaper”
08 “Bad Habit”
09 “Bonzer”
10 “Not Another Follower”

The theme via a press release:

The album serves as a comment on the current state of our disturbed planet. Deeply frightened by the way the governments of all nations and the wealthy use their power to drain the planet of its resources without taking into account the destruction of the environment or the toll on the global economy, Bharoocha sings about the bottomless pit of greed and the lack of humanitarianism that we as a people must get back in touch with…

Shore Obsessed is out via PPM. It follows a split 12″ with High Places and the “End of Summer” 7″. If you’re on the West Coast, some chances to see them in person:

11/17 – Portland, OR @ Rotture
11/18 – Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project
11/21 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Museum of Public Fiction

Soft Circle 2010

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