Keepaway Release Free Kompetitor EP, “Zoo Too” (Feat. Das Racist)

When we posted Brooklyn trio Keepaway’s “Sideways Smile” I mentioned it came from a forthcoming free digital-only EP, Kompetitor, said to feature “some music from what’s next, some music from the last few months, some visuals, some ‘remixes’,” etc. (For instance, you’ll recognize opener, “100.”) It’s up for streaming and downloading now and the band’s offered additional details for those of you who like contexts:

KOMPETITOR includes a bunch of material made since our EP, Baby Style, came out: “Sideways Smile,” “100,” “Hologram,” and “Zoo Too” (featuring Das Racist); a couple remixes of “100,” by Sunglasses (Lefse) and DJ Seashell (visual artist Keegan McHargue); some cover art with new fonts that we built; and a video for “100” with our own homemade visual effects. This stuff has varied sources and flavors (for example, we recorded “Sideways Smile” in L.A. with our guy Sunny Levine back in the spring, and we recorded “Hologram” in our practice space with just us guys last week), but we wanted to get it out to everyone while it still felt decently fresh.

Here’s “Zoo Too,” the track with recent Santos Party pals Das Racist.

Keepaway – “Zoo Too” (Feat. Das Racist)

Kompetitor is up at Bandcamp. Stream it here:

And they’ve started a Kickstarter page to help fund their full-length debut.