New Fucked Up – “No Epiphany (No Age Remix)”

Last summer, “No Epiphany” was he first taste we got of Fucked Up’s The Chemistry of Common Life. As you now know, the track’s epic wall-of-sound is shared by the majority of the collection’s other ten components via the subtle, layered use of French horn, flutes, organ, guest Vivian Girls, and etc. Matador recently released a “No Epiphany” 7″, which includes a blown-out No Age remix as the B-Side. It’s a lot of fun listening to the two versions in quick succession, seeing just how buried and distended and, at times, near a cappella Dean and Randy render it. And just how great it sounds to the noisy side of my brain. Yes, epiphany.

Fucked Up – “Epiphany (No Age Remix)” (MP3)

The “No Epiphany” 7″ is out via Matador.

[Photo by David Waldman]

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