David Lynch Goes Electropop

That perennial life champion David Lynch named his song “Good Day Today” shouldn’t be too surprising to followers of @David_Lynch, from where the auteur tweets simple morning salutations, zen existential affirmations, and axe purchase recommendations (servicey!) in equally placid fashion. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s naming (and making) songs at all that’s the surprise, though even that shouldn’t be: We’ve posted about his scatter shot all-star Danger Mouse-collabo Dark Night Of The Soul, and he’s taken an active hand in putting together the soundtracks that are so integral to his signature, skewed film aesthetic. But if you are hard up for being surprised by something about this post, and if you are you are being weird about this, but OK you can be surprised by the fact that David Lynch’s new single is an uncluttered, ear-pleasing electro-pop track with pulsing production — think Aphex Twin’s “Fingerbib” with less sauce — and Lynch talking about his good day through a vocal mask of heavy computer filtration like a more musical Stephen Hawking or a higher-pitched Kid A Thom Yorke. It’s part of a single released to iTunes today, though you can start just by hearing “Good Day Today”:

David is on vocals, and on production, and on being better than you. The “Good Day Today” single is b/w another Lynchian original titled “I Know,” which just popped, and sounds like you’d expect the blues to sound through this man’s lens, it’s the Lynchian blues (thanks, Franck):

Both are available now via Sunday Best Recordings on iTunes.

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