New Jeremy Enigk – “Mind Idea”

Ex-Sunny Day Real Estate crooner Jeremy Enigk has been creating stately solo music since Return Of The Frog Queen. When it came out in 1996, I remember all the stories about his conversion to Christianity, how it broke up SDRE (pre-comeback), etc. That in mind, I approached the collection with trepidation and lame preconceptions — this was before Sufjan, et al had softened us to these sorts of things — and was pleasantly surprised at its beauty, that it wasn’t preachy. “Mind Idea” is from Enigk’s fifth solo collection OK Bear. I haven’t heard anything else from the the album — one that’s supposedly returning to the heavier Sunny Days — but this would fit well on Return. Maybe too well. So, 10 years later, the only real difference with Enigk’s solo material is that I’m no longer surprised.

Jeremy Enigk – “Mind Idea” (MP3)
(Via P4K)

OK Bear is out 05/12 via Lewis Hollow.