J Mascis – “Not Enough”

“Not Enough” is the first single from J Mascis’s forthcoming mostly acoustic collection Several Shades Of Why. For all of his primary bands and side projects, it’s being billed as his first studio-recorded solo collection. “Solo,” but Kurt Vile, A Silver Mount Zion’s Sophie Trudeau, Kevin Drew, Ben Bridwell, Black Heart Procession’s Pall Jenkins, Matt Valentine, and others joined him at the studio in Amherst, Mass. It’s an understatement to say I have soft-spot for Mascis’s voice — that rangy, ragged, crackling, moving quaver never fails to take me back to listening to “Severed Lips” on repeat in high school, then forward to all the great shit he did afterward (from You’re Living All Over Me, Bug, and main back-in-the-day soundtrack Green Mind to the more recent full-band comeback). Several Shades Of Why maybe isn’t his most classic collection, but listening to the new songs, that warble in focus, has been a treat. Get acquainted via “Not Enough.”

J Mascis – “Not Enough”

Several Shades Of Why:

01 “Listen To Me”
02 “Several Shades Of Why”
03 “Not Enough”
04 “Very Nervous and Love”
05 “Is It Done”
06 “Make It Right”
07 “Where Are You”
08 “Too Deep”
09 “Can I”
10 “What Happened”

Several Shades Of Why is out 3/15 via Sub Pop.

[Photo by Timothy Herzog]