Vampire Weekend – “Fight For This Love” (Cheryl Cole Cover)

2010’s cornerstone artist on Madison Avenue’s nondenominational holiday mixtape, Vampire Weekend recently filed a BBC Radio 1 session. They came armed with horns, a maneuver with precedent (see: Flying Lotus’s own recent BBC performance, and/or Vampire Weekend’s KCRW stop-in). They also knocked out a curveball modern British pop-charts cover while referencing a fundamental ’90s R&B jam, a reference that should go appreciated by anyone who’s into the whole How To Dress Well/Wise Blood R&B reappropriation/revival:

“One day we were in the car driving to the airport and we heard a song that reminded is of KC & Jojo “All My Life” which is a very important song for people our age. We were like “This song is awesome.” Then we saw her on tabloids. Who knew she was famous?”

Answer: Viewers of the UK reality show Popstars The Rivals, fans of Girls Aloud, and after today, people who dig on curverball covers made into home run MP3s by the band Vampire Weekend. Grab it, if only to get “Holiday” out of your head.

Vampire Weekend – “Fight For This Love” (Cheryl Cole Cover)
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The source:

Fair enough Vampire Weekend, it does sound like there’s some KC & JoJo in the mix:

Still a jam. Also a jam: Vampire Weekend’s Contra, one of our favorite albums of the year. Though, if I see that Hilfiger ad again on my TV I will probably need a new TV, because of how I will have just smashed my present TV. ENOUGH, TOMMY HILFIGER.