New Department Of Eagles Video – “No One Does It Like You”

Last night at MoMA, Dan Rossen and Fred Nicolaus premiered their first video, for In Ear Park’s woozy standout “No One Does It Like You.” It was a PopRally event, the same performance series that has brought Sigur Rós and comedy short films to the museum in recent months. We sent Natasha Ryan to bring back images, and tapped the internet to bring back the video itself. They really went for it with the clip, depicting a battlefield populated with a battalion of short-skirted, masked, rifle-toting ballet dancers squaring off against a ghost-faced, marching troupe wielding bayonets and family portraits when in the infirmary. People die, ghosts arise, the dancing continues. Duh. After the crowd at MoMA sat through a Q&A with production team Directors Bureau, co-director/costume designer Marcel Dzama, and co-director Patrick Daughters, D.O.E. performed. If it all seems a bit ceremonious, that’s probably because the video deserves a bit more than a simple publicist email with html code for posting. Now for that publicist-provided html code:

Department Of Eagles – “No One Does It Like You” (MP3)

In Ear Park is out via 4AD.