New M83 – “Je Vous Hais Petites Filles” & “Graveyard Girl (ParkerLab’s Dusted Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

With Saturdays=Youth, Anthony Gonzalez melded his shoegazey synths and electronics to John Hughes era, Pretty In Pink-tinted nostalgia to sweeping effect and face time with Brandon Flowers, Kimmel, Conan, and the LA Philharmonic. So that is a lot of disparate reference points. Next on the docket for M83 is an EP release around “We Own The Sky,” which comes with bonus goods in the form of a “Graveyard Girl” remix by ParkerLab and the new track “Je Vous Hais Petites Filles.” Both leave the P. Furs/Thompson Twins aesthetic behind and show where M83 could have gone with this last slate of songs, had he continued visiting dead cities and healing dawns instead of filling up his Netflix queue with Molly Ringwald flicks.

“Je Vous Hais Petites Filles”

“Graveyard Girl (ParkerLab’s Dusted Remix)”

Buy the We Own The Sky EP on iTunes. Here’s the tracklist:

01 “We Own The Sky” (radio edit)
02 “We Own The Sky (Maps Remix)”
03 “Je Vous Hais Petites Filles”
04 “Graveyard Girl (ParkerLab’s Dusted Remix)”
05 “We Own The Sky”

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