Danger Mouse And Sparklehorse’s Dark Night Of The Soul Posters Are Now Everywhere

Not to be confused with Dark Was The Night, except for similar potential for mind explosion. We had more than a few conversations at SXSW about the intriguing, ubiquitous (in Emo’s anyway) poster for the otherwise unknown project from old friends Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse, with a billed guestlist including Black Francis, Julian Casablancas, the Flaming Lips, James Mercer, Iggy Pop, Gruff Rhys, Jason Lytle, Nina Persson, Suzanne Vega, even more etcs., and visuals by David Lynch(!). But now they’re turning up in bloggers’ mailboxes so IT IS ON. As in, let’s all post about it and talk it out? Hive mind time. David Lynch implies filmic supplement, the fine print on the poster promises an “album coming summer 2009.” Which is almost now. (Hive mind in effect.) Here’s what’s coming to bloggers via snail mail:

(via GvsB’s TwitPic)

Dark was the night of the soul of the OMG. More when we know it.