Vivian Girls – “I Heard You Say” & Share The Joy Info

Vivian Girls’ new album Share The Joy was recorded at Rear House, the studio run by Woods’s Jarvis Taveniere, who engineered the collection. It’s their first with new drummer Fiona Campbell. (Remember, old drummer Ali Koehler joined Best Coast.) To hear Vivian Girls 2011, download “I Heard You Say” at Polyvinyl. If you want to see where it appears on the album, here’s the tracklist:

01 “The Other Girls”
02 “I Heard You Say”
03 “Dance (If You Wanna)”
04 “Lake House”
05 “Trying to Pretend”
06 “Sixteen Ways”
07 “Take It as It Comes”
08 “Vanishing of Time”
09 “Death”
10 “Light in Your Eyes”

Share The Joy is out 4/12 via Polyvinyl.

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