New Hold Steady – “40 Bucks” (Stereogum Premiere)

So far, all the teaser material for the Hold Steady’s forthcoming live CD/DVD A Positive Rage has been of the Stuck Between Stations” rock-out variety, reminding folks that, yes, they can really whip a crowd into a fury. “40 Bucks,” a new song from Positive’s bonus disc takes a mellower approach, Craig Finn laying out a tale about a sad-case scenester girl from Birmingham with $40 bucks, a favorite band, and a tendency to stay out too late, miss work, etc. We learn that her love of music (and musicians) runs deep via Finn’s sharp character sketches of her mom and pop, but the fantasy-popping punchline — she’s two 20’s poorer at the finale, and how — is what makes her really come to life.

Positive Rage is out via Vagrant.