New Björk – “Náttúra (Switch Remix)”

In mid-October we posted about Björk’s Náttúra,” a song that included extremely ambient vocal noises from Thom Yorke and prominent drums from Lightning Bolt and “Dull Flame Of Desire“‘s Brian Chippendale. As mentioned then, and as you likely already know, the proceeds from the sale of the track go toward funding the Náttúra campaign to support Icelandic environmental causes. All this refreshing because the song’s been given new form(lessness) via this excellent, official, heady, and totally gonzo Switch remix.

Bjork – “Náttúra (Switch Remix)” (MP3)
(via NME)

That’s how you do a remix, tepid Yeah Yeah Yeahs knob turners. The original “Nattura” is available at iTunes, where you can also purchase a Náttúra — Summer 2008 DVD, which you’ll find more info about at (While we’re talking about fundraising and worthy causes, conflicts of interest acknowledged but aside, don’t forget about Björk’s Housing Works benefit show with Dirty Projectors on 5/8.)

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