It’s The 2007 VMAs, Bitch

In a VMA preview piece the other day, the New York Times put MTV and VMA-opening pop tart Britney Spears in the same (sinking) boat: “Both will be trying to recapture better days on Sunday as the music network shows its annual presentation of the Video Music Awards.” What better excuse could there be for a Stereogum liveblog?

Yep it’s going down. Like the show’s ratings. (zing) But along with MTV’s identity crisis and the VMA’s $10K gift bags, we’re curious about some stuff that hits a little closer to home. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. up against Beyonce, Amy, Justin, and Rihanna? Foo Fighters performance (from the suite!) featuring Josh Homme and Mastodon? Peter Bjorn & John and Kanye under the same roof? OK bad example, there. But you get it. Remember, MTV’s not repeating the broadcast (not this version, anyway). So in honor of this “one-time telecast!” we’ll bring you our “one-time-liveblog!” See ya at 9 PM EST. Unless Vanessa Hudgens shows up naked at the Pre-Show.