James Blake – “A Case Of You” (Joni Mitchell Cover)

Dubstep is having its closeup thanks to the name and face and LP titled James Blake. Genre genealogists are debating dubstep’s lineage and where this young man fits, while Blake is signing to Universal Republic in the States and slowly continues to clarify his intentions for the spacious, bent brand of beat pop he’s etched out over last year’s triptych of EPs, the eponymous full-length debut, and now this cover. If his 1.5 year supply of original work isn’t enough, see the artists he’s re-appropriating: Untold on the production tip, Starbucks-friendly chanteuses Feist and now Joni Mitchell on the singer-songwriter one. He’s living in the cavernous sub-bass space between the two, so far. As for his work with this Joni staple, the grace notes he’s adorning Joni’s “A Case Of You” with demonstrates he’s serious about inhabiting a melody, comfortable with the songwriterly associations. Grab it:

James Blake – “A Case Of You (Joni Mitchell Cover)”

The cover came as part of a BBC interview with Zane Lowe (full stream here) where he talks up Joni, as well as his father’s past as a producer. In particular he mentions the elder Blake’s production on James Litherland’s “Where To Turn,” which is the origination of the melody and lyrics James uses on the Blake track “The Wilhelm Scream.” Here’s the original, via Abeano:

James Litherland – Where To Turn by abeano

And here’s James:

The James Blake LP is out, and is very funny (see: @rifftrafft). There’s a well considered and informed review over at the Quietus.