New Old Beck – “Teenage Wastebasket” (Stereogum Premiere)

Last week we posted about One Foot In The Grave, Beck’s old, satisfyingly straight-up K Records folk album. (At the time of its release, I was one of those people who didn’t dig Mellow Gold as much as a tried, but was immediately taken by One Foot, and not just because it included members of Lync.) As we mentioned, the Iliad reissue comes with 16 bonus tracks, including the previously unreleased “Teenage Wastebasket.” Hardcore Beck fans have already noted the song was referenced in a SPIN article in July 1994. Well, 15 years later, the brief and playfully bleak tune — is “her mother is proud to be dead / her dad is breakdancing underneath the bed / she’s got lipstick scraleld across her forehead saying ‘please destroy me'” — streaming in a Stereogum post. Take a listen.

More streaming here:

]The One Foot In The Grave reissue is out 4/14 on Beck’s Iliad imprint.

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