Pale Sketcher (Justin K Broadrick) – “Seventh Heaven”

A few months ago, when we posted Jesu’s “Annul,” I set up the Heart Ache & Dethroned track like so:

The more metal, shoegaze, various “posts,” and electronics intersect, the more obvious it is ex-Napalm Death/Godflesh/Techno Animal Justin K Broadrick’s been at the forefront of something even before he started Jesu seven years ago. Of all his projects, though — the older Final, more recent Pale Sketcher included — Jesu crystallizes his personalized blend of drone, metal, industrial, electronics, shoegaze, ambient, noise, and disarmingly fragile melodies.

Because the man never rests, here’s a song from his Pale Sketcher project. It further elaborates and refines the above, finding Broadrick investigating and inhabiting a full-on electronic world that should still be appealing to folks who don’t dance. It’s the opening title track from the new Seventh Heaven EP, the followup to the 2010 Pale Sketcher debut Pale Sketches: Demixed.

Pale Sketcher – “Seventh Heaven”

Seventh Heaven:

01 “Seventh Heaven”
02 “The Rainy Season”
03 “Wash It All Away (King Midas Sound Remix)?”
04 “Resonanz Therapie Musik”
05 “Drag Your Feet”

The Seventh Heaven EP is out today (2/15) via Ghostly International as a limited 12″ and digital download.