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The 10 Best Videos Of The Week

This week’s videos are weird. We’ve got new ones from Yeasayer, Cut Copy, Felix Cartal, and Craig Wedren, among many others. Off the top of my head there are at least three clips with people licking inanimate objects. It probably won’t be disturbing if you’ve seen Pink Flamingos (just as, really, nothing’s ever disturbing ever again after viewing Pink Flamingos). But even the ones that aren’t meant to be disturbing strike an odd tone that makes them kind of irresistible to watch.

Felix Cartal – World Class Driver (Dir. Josh Forbes)

Some things that you will see in this video: An old lady chugging Four Loko, an old lady dancing with a young man in briefs while waving around sausage links, a motorized cart race, an old man heating up a Werthers Original and mainlining it. Exploitative and fun — it’s oldsploitation! Forbes has also directed videos for Ariel Pink, The Fray, and Black Gold.

NewVillager – “LightHouse” (Dir. Ben Dickinson)

I talked a bit about this video earlier today in the “LightHouse” post, so, to quote myself: “The costumes here show a lot of creativity with a limited budget. They look great, first of all, but the pieces that make up the costume (brooms, tote bags, dusters, pill bottles, funnels) transform, as does the costumed actor — they don’t look like they’re costumes so much as an organic extension of the character. The pieces and colors made me think of Matthew Barney and Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Katamari Damacy, too. It’s giddy, gorgeous work.”

Colormusic – “Tog” (Dir. Tate James)

I’m nor sure how Oklahoma’s Colormusic recruited actors and extras for this video, but all of their reactions to whatever’s happening on stage (you never see) feel so genuine. The audience’s faces go from bored to curious to horrified and ecstatic. It’s almost as fun to imagine what they’re seeing as it is to watch the video itself. My guesses: animal sacrifice, live sex show, Gallagher. (via Antville)

The Irrepressibles – “In This Shirt” [“The Lady Is Dead] (Dir. Roy Raz) (NSFW)

This is more a short film than a video (it’s actually named “The Lady Is Dead,” not named for the song or band), but I thought it deserved a place here because the song and the haunting images in the video are inseparable. Something about the aristocratic themes (grand pianos, tennis, pearls), the hints at feces and blood, and the young men of this video made me think of Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, another film that, like Pink Flamingos kinda sticks with you forever.

Wolfgang Gartner – “Illmerica” (Dir. Ryan McNamara)

Director Ryan McNamara is also the lead animator on this whirlwind tour of American history, from the Mayflower landing to the present day. Everything move so fast here, but besides the many references to our bloody history, I love how he mixed together objects from different eras to show new and surprising connections. Definitely one to show at your next Tea Party Rally. (via Video Static)

Cut Copy – “Need You Now” (Dir. Keith Schofield)

This video draws strong reactions — people either love it or hate it. I loved it, mostly because I love director Keith Schofield’s sense of humor. He says the video concept was his, he was inspired by “… the idea of doing extremely long lens photography, like [this photo]. And that lead to doing something about sports.” I asked him about the portraits, which reminded of eighties glamor shots, and I learned that was, indeed, part of the inspiration (the other inspiration was constraint, they needed something to shoot at night with limited light). In particular Schofield says he was inspired by this photo meme, of a young boy and his clarinet. “I’m somewhat obsessed with the caption, too; I almost feel like it could be a movie,” he says. “Alas, we weren’t really able to adapt it into the video.”

Craig Wedren – “Are We” (Dir. Tim Nackashi)

Another video you’ll have to watch over at the artist’s site, but it’s worth it. Director Tim Nackashi uses 360 cameras (I believe that’s the technical name) to create this interactive video, where each scene lets you spin the camera to see the action above, below, and behind your starting point. Watch it here.
Craig Wedren - "Are We" Video

Honorable Mention:

The King Fantastic – “The Lost Art Of Killing” (Dir. Nicholaus Goossen)

Pentatones – “The Devil’s Hand” (Dir. Kristin Herziger)

(via Anteville)

Yeasayer – “I Remember” (Dir. Sophia Peer)

NSFW Video Of The Week:

Yes! Yes! – “Extra Loveable” (Dir. S?bre’Too†h)