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The 8 Best Videos Of The Week

This week we have new videos from The Wombats, Tera Melos, Cults, and Rainbow Arabia, among others. I was anticipating some big videos like Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights” and Dr. Dre’s “I Need A Doctor,” but both were pretty disappointing, especially considering the budgets and talent available to them. I recommend all the videos below, except for the SebastiAn clip. I only recommend that one if you’re feeling nostalgic for Stile Project.

The Wombats – “Anti-D” (Dir. Marc Klasfeld)

Director Marc Klasfeld is mostly known his hip hop and R&B videos (for Clipse, Jay-Z, Chamillionaire, and many more). His Wombats video is one of those tricky single-take videos, and all the jokes and strange characters in the background mean you should watch it more than once.

Above & Beyond – “Sun & Moon” (Feat. Richard Bedford) (Dir. Ferry Gouw)

Indonesian director Ferry Gouw is also the illustrator behind Major Lazer. He also directed their “Hold The Line” video. This video focuses on some great dancing and acting via its main character, who does some Northern Soul dance moves while remember a painful recent breakup. You might have seen similar moves in Duffy’s “Mercy” video — and the U.S. Skins just had an episode revolving around a Northern Soul club. Maybe we’re in the middle of another revival? (via Promonews)

Emily Osmet – “Lovesick” (Dir. Daniel “Cloud” Campos)

Emily Osmet is an actress on Hannah Montana and is Haley Joel Osmet’s younger sister. And the video’s director, “David “Cloud” Campos is a onetime backup dancing for Madonna and was in Step Up 3D. Somehow these two got together and made a highly enjoyable video. Borrowing a few elements from Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and Tron help. (via Antville)

Lauren Pritchard – “Stuck” (Dir. Lilah Vandenburgh)

Director Lilah Vandenburgh who’s done videos for OMD, and directed the acclaimed short film Bitch, puts together a cute narrative video for “Stuck.” Here a boy and a girl are on the run from the law with their hands cuffed together. They also can’t stand each other. Guess what happens. Watch it here.
(via Promonews)
Lauren Pritchard - "Stuck" Video

Honorable Mention:

Tera Melos – “Manar The Magic” (Dir. Behn Fannin)

(via Antville)

Rainbow Arabia – “Without You” (Dir. Milica Jovchic and Aleksandra Milenkovi)

Cults – “Go Outside” (Unofficial) (Dir. Patrick Hoelck)

NSFW Video of the Week:

K-Holes – “Short Zippers” (NSFW) (Dir. Micki Pellerano)

I was intrigued by this video partially because it was another (and more realistic, I think) look at S&M culture than the candy-coated version in Rihanna’s “S&M” video, or the weirdo/funny version in Devendra Banhart’s “Foolin.” Director Micki Pellerano says he wanted to stay away from that over-the-top, caricatured style of representing homosexuality: “It seemed more appealing to explore real guys in real erotic scenarios with just enough props, costuming, and aggression to maintain the ‘leather’ theme that was asked for. It also seemed intriguing to adopt a sort of 1960’s Mario Bava aesthetic than the biker-boy “Scorpio Rising” style usually reserved for leather-culture portrayals. The video was almost entirely lit by 16mm projectors lending to a climate resembling a blue-movie house.”

NSFLife Video of Your Life:

SabastiAn – Total album trailer