Staccato Du Mal – “Walls Fade” & “Sólo Baila Sola” Video

A couple of months ago we posted “Desespero,” one of the more danceable (but dark, always) tracks from Staccato du Mal’s Sin Destino. As mentioned then, Staccato’s the decade-old minimal synth project of Miami-based Ramiro Jeancarlo, one half of industrial/power electronics duo Opus Finis. Sin Destino’s a culmination. Here’s the album’s patiently bleak, suffocated opener “Walls Fade,” the track that comes immediately before “Desespero.” It’s worth seeing how the two play off one another and begin to build the record’s eerie atmosphere.

Staccato Du Mal – “Walls Fade”

The Jackie Ransom-concocted video for “Sólo Baila Sola.”

Sin Destino is out 3/22 via Wierd. Ramiro:

Staccato Du Mal Promo Photo 2011
[Photo by Daniel Romero]