Explosions In The Sky – “Trembling Hands”

Explosions In The Sky were supposed to be my first Progress Report for Stereogum. But it was apparent in 2008 that the band was busier with wives, children, and researching Civil War trivia that doing a new record, all of which drummer Chris Hrasky mentioned when I talked to him back then. It was a year away from being the 10th anniversary of Explosions In The Sky. He also said they hoped to have a new album out in 2010, but that writing had been getting tougher for the band, who play equal parts in the songwriting:

I don’t remember the first two records being that tough, but the latest two most certainly were. It’s just a lot of trial and error. There isn’t a main songwriter in the band who sort of shows up and plays the songs for the rest of band. It’s a full collaboration. Ultimately, that’s the most rewarding way for us to do this, but its also sometimes frustrating. It can be a challenge to come up with things that all four of us love. And figuring out where a song should go or how it should feel…that’s never been easy for us, which isn’t to say that this isn’t fun or anything. It is. We couldn’t ask for better jobs. But we don’t ever want to put out an album just for the sake of doing it. So we’re always in a state of hoping we come up with stuff we like. We’d rather just stop as opposed to putting out something that we weren’t completely proud of.

It looks like the band have reached that point because their next LP, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, is finally ready. The band recorded the album with everywhere engineer John Congleton, who also mixed the record (he’s worked with the band a few times before). Explosions In The Sky produced. First taste “Trembling Hands” is what you want from an Explosions song: It’s propulsive, headrushing, and huge. I’d really like for them do the percussive vocal stabs live. Listen:

Explosions In The Sky – “Trembling Hands”

Grab a download:

Take Care, Take Care, Take Care is out 4/26 via Temporary Residence.