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Your Guide To Metal At SXSW ’11

It seems like each year more metal surfaces at SXSW. This week’s Austin festivities are packed with it — enough that you can head to Texas and see nothing but the loud stuff if that’s how you roll. It can be maddening and mind-numbing sifting through schedules, so here’s a fairly straightforward Guide To Metal At SXSW 2011. If a showcase or party has just a couple metal bands on a larger lineup I generally didn’t add it: These are events where you can park it and stay awhile. I’ve put an asterisk next to sets I plan to catch. Or sets I would’ve caught if my flight was arriving earlier than 6:30PM tonight. (Or if I could be in two places at once.) I also recommended a couple metal bands in our 32 Must-See Bands At SXSW ’11. (And you may already know how I feel about Trap Them, KEN mode, Liturgy, Agalloch, True Widow, Kylesa, Kvelertak, the Body, Weedeater, Christian Mistress, the Secret, Tombs, etc.) If I missed something, let me know in the comments, but it might’ve been intentional.

Wednesday, March 16

Brooklyn Vegan Day Party
Emo’s (603 Red River Street)
12:20PM The Roller
1:10PM Deafheaven
1:55PM The Secret *
2:40PM KEN mode *
3:30PM Dax Rigs *
4:20PM Trash Talk [here, or later with OFF! and Bad Brains]
5:10PM Kylesa *

Emo’s Annex
Ioda Day Party (600 Red River Street)
3:00PM True Widow

Converse & Thrasher Magazine Present “Death Match!” (Curated by Tee Pee Records)
The Scoot Inn (1308 E. 4th Street)
Outside Stage
1:00PM Dixie Witch
2:00PM Dark Castle
3:00PM Rwake
4:00PM All Pigs Must Die
5:00PM KEN mode
Inside Stage
1:30PM Lo Pan
2:30PM Suplecs
3:30PM Gay For Johnny Depp
4:30PM Easy Action

Hoeks Metal Fest
Death Metal Pizza (511 E. 6th St.)
Lots of bands. Stop in. Eat pizza. You can always eat.

The Broken Neck (4701 Red Bluff Road), 6PM
Dark Castle
Royal Thunder
The Roller

Sumerian Records Showcase
Habana Bar Backyard (708 E 6th Street), 7PM
8:00PM Ultrageist
9:00PM Structures
10:00PM Animals As Leaders
11:00PM Veil Of Maya
12:00AM The Faceless
1:00AM Upon A Burning Body

Headhunters (720 Red River Street)
9:45PM Mose Giganticus
10:40PM Apollo 18
12:30AM Bult
1:25AM Dagoba

Housecore Records Showcase
Emo’s Jr (603 Red River Street), 7:30PM
8:00PM Skatenigs
9:00PM Skrew
10:00PM Ponykiller
11:00PM Haarp
12:00AM Warbeast
1:00AM Arson Anthem

Vans SXSW Party
Emo’s Main Room (603 Red River Street)
9:00PM Trash Talk *
9:50PM OFF! *
10:40PM Bad Brains *

Thursday, March 17

Converse & Thrasher Magazine Present “Death Match!” (Curated by Impose)
The Scoot Inn (1308 E. 4th Street)
Outside Stage
1:00PM The Body *
2:00PM Liturgy
3:00PM Zoroaster
4:00PM Weedeater *
5:00PM Trash Talk

Full Metal Texas
Emo’s (603 Red River Street), 12PM
Outside Stage
1:00PM Better Left Unsaid
1:45PM Elysion Fields
2:30PM Letlive
3:15PM Upon A Burning Body
4:10PM The Word Alive
5:10PM The Red Chord

BrooklynVegan/1000Knives Inside Stage
12:05PM Goes Cube
12:50PM All Pigs Must Die
1:35PM Rwake *
2:20PM Kvelertak *
3:10PM Hull
4:05PM Trap Them
5:00PM YOB

Stereogum/Sacred Bones/Chaos In Tejas Presents *
Beerland (711.5 Red River Street), 2PM
Human Eye
Zola Jesus (not metal or hardcore, but…)

Hoeks Metal Fest
Death Metal Pizza (511 E. 6th St.)
Lots of bands. Stop in. Eat more pizza.

Nanotear SXSW Showcase
Barbarella Patio (615 Red River Street), 6:30PM
7:30PM Wizard Rifle
8:15PM Arabrot *
9:00PM Amber Asylum *
10:00PM Worm Ouroboros *
10:50PM Witch Mountain *
11:45AM Agalloch *
1:00AM YOB *

WSOU 89.5FM’s showcase
222 (222 E. 6th St. in Austin, TX), 1PM
The Faceless
Meek Is Murder
Death On Two Wheels
Beta Wolf

Artery Foundation Official Showcase
Red 7 (611 East 7th Street), 12PM
Asking Alexandria
Dance Gavin Dance
Of Mice & Men
Miss May I
In Fear and Faith
Chelsea Grin
Sleeping With Sirens
Tides of Man
For All Those Sleeping
Woe, Is Me
The Amity Affliction
Close to Home

The End Records SXSW Showcase
The Ale House (310 East 6th Street), 7PM
8:00PM braveyoung
9:00PM Hull
10:00PM Novembers Doom
11:00PM Goes Cube
12:00AM Daniel Lioneye
1:00AM Peter Murphy (not metal, but…)

Kemado Records SXSW Showcase
Valhalla (710 Red River Street), 7:00PM
8:00PM Rwake
10:00PM Davana
11:00PM Christian Mistress *
12:00AM True Widow
1:00AM Zoroaster

SXSW Showcase
Prague (422 Congress Avenue), 7PM
7:30PM Overflow
9:20PM Swords Of Chaos
10:15PM Rolo Tomassi
12:05AM Kvelertak
1:00AM Evergreen Terrace

Pantheon Agency SXSW Showcase
Emo’s Annex (600 Red River Street), 7PM
10:00PM For The Fallen Dreams
11:00PM I See Stars
12:00 AM Emmure
1:00AM Asking Alexandria

Friday, March 18

New England Metal & Hardcore Fest Does Austin Day Party
Emo’s Annex (600 Red River Street), 12PM
12:10PM Armor for the Broken
12:40PM Across the Sun
1:10PM The Funeral Pyre
1:40PM Bison BC
2:10PM Gaza *
2:40PM Within the Ruins
3:10PM Our Last Night
3:40PM Trap Them *
4:30PM The Red Chord
5:10PM The Acacia Strain

Triple Crown Tattoo (1157 Chicon Street)
Batillus *
Pack of Wolves
Mutilation Rites

The Power Of The Riff & Southern Lord Records Presents
ND Studios (501 Studios – 501 I-35)
2:00PM Trap Them
2:45PM All Pigs Must Die
3:30PM The Funeral Pyre
4:15PM The Secret
5:00PM Trash Talk

Encore Records In-store (1745 West Anderson Lane)
5:00PM Zoroaster

Santos Party House w/ Andrew WK
Scoot Inn (1308 E. 4th Street)
Inside Stage
5:00PM Pentagram *

Hoeks Metal Fest
Death Metal Pizza (511 E. 6th St.)
Lots of bands. Stop in.

Giant Steps Production’s notSXSW Party
Plush (617 Red River Street)
Grayceon *

South By South Death (Presented by MetalSucks)
Headhunters (720 Red River Street), 2PM
2:15PM Meek is Murder
3:00PM Wormrot
3:45PM Red Fang
4:30PM Havok *
5:15PM Kvelertak *

Lovejoys (604 Neches Street), 12PM
12:15PM Owen Hart
1:00PM Salvation
1:45PM Kill The Client
2:30PM KEN Mode
3:15PM Cough
4:00PM Magrudergrind
4:45PM Gaza
5:30PM Wormrot *
6:15PM Ringworm *

Whoopsy Magazine Party
Trophy’s Bar (2008 S Congress Ave)
Stage 1
7:00PM Slough Feg

Emo’s Jr. (603 Red River Street)
9:00PM Liturgy

TEE PEE Records Showcase
Headhunters (720 Red River Street)
7:00PM Mondo Drag
8:00PM The Main Street Gospel
9:00PM Weird Owl
10:00PM Night Horse
11:00PM Naam
12:00AM Lecherous Gaze
1:00AM Iron Age

Metalliance Tour at SXSW
Dirty Dog (505 E 6th Street), 6PM
7:00PM Witchburn
7:35PM Atlas Moth
8:10PM Howl *
8:45PM Red Fang *
9:30PM Weedeater *
10:20PM Kylesa *
11:20PM Crowbar *
12:20AM St. Vitus *
1:15AM Helmet [for old time’s sake?]

The Mylene Sheath Showcase
Valhalla (710 Red River Street)
12:00AM Junius

Artery Foundation Official Showcase
Emo’s Annex (600 Red River Street)
Of Mice & Men
Miss May I
In Fear And Faith
Dance Gavin Dance
Chelsea Grin
The Amity Affliction

Chaos In Tejas Presents
Club 1808 (1808 East 12th Street), 7PM
Touche Amore
Alpha & Omega

Saturday, March 19th

BrooklynVegan Party
Lovejoys (604 Neches Street), 12PM
12:20PM Altaar
1:00PM Castevet
1:45PM Wolvhammer
2:30PM Batillus *
3:15PM Grayceon *
4:00PM Deafheaven *
4:45PM The Body *
5:30PM Dark Castle *
6:15PM Tombs *

Future of Music Fest
Shiner’s Saloon (422 Congress Avenue)
10:45PM Fire From The Gods
11:30PM Hull
12:15AM Batillus
1:00AM Pack of Wolves

Profound Lore SXSW Showcase
Valhalla (710 Red River Street), 6PM
8:00PM Bruce Lamont *
9:00PM Wolvhammer *
10:00PM Castevet *
11:00PM Grayceon *
12:00AM KEN mode *
1:00AM Slough Feg *

Converse & Thrasher Magazine Present “Death Match!” (Curated by Tee Pee Records)
Scoot Inn (1308 E. 4th Street)
Outside Stage
1:00PM True Widow *
2:00PM Naam
3:00PM Lecherous Gaze
4:00PM Night Horse
5:00PM Trap Them

True Till Def (Shinebox Recordings, Chronic Youth and Tee Pee Records)
Scoot Inn (1308 E. 4th Street)
8:00PM Cough
9:00PM Primitive Weapons
10:00PM Ancient VVisdom
11:00PM Naam
12:00AM Eyehategod *
1:00AM Pentagram

Sunday, March 20

Radar Recordings & Giant Steps Productions Present Goodbye Southby
Emo’s Outside (603 Red River Street)
Mose Giganticus

You can dig through the Haunting The Chapel archives for sounds from a bunch of these folks.

[Photo of Trap Them by Samantha Marble]