Vampire Weekenders Prepping Second Album, Side Project With Ra Ra Riot

Overlapping waves of hype and backlash behind them, Vampire Weekend have moved on to the business of making new music. Except that they been had making new music since the halcyon Vampire Weekend days. We first heard “White Sky” on that little record’s support tour, and again recently on Fallon. Now Ezra’s talking about the VW followup to, saying that scarf-loving keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij will once again produce the sessions. They’ve been in the studio for a solid month, Koenig describing the aesthetic direction thusly:

It’s definitely going to be a recognizably Vampire Weekend sound, but there are going to be new sounds. We’re trying to challenge ourselves not to use the same bag of tricks that we used on the first album — different instruments, stuff like that.

Also worth noting that “White Sky” will make the cut, although the album version will more closely resemble the concert take than the slowed down acoustic version for Late Night. Koenig promises the song will feature more synths and a sound that’s “a little more pumped up.” Which doesn’t sound too far off from a supergroup-y side-project everybody’s posting about this week called Discovery, featuring Rostam and lead Ra Ra Rioter Wes Miles. From what’s available, the vibe’s decidedly R&B synth pop. Get familiar (UPDATE: Re-upped with studio mastered versions):

Discovery – “Orange Shirt” (Mastered) (MP3)
Discovery – “Osaka Loop Line” (Mastered) (MP3)

They are not a new project per se; Wes and Rostam’s passion pit has had a MySpace left dormant since a 2008 blog post promising that they weren’t dead, and one of these MP3s has had an ID3 date stamp of 12/21/07, but that is right around when things (i.e. blogs) happened so I guess the time is now to break the holding pattern. This week’s flood of music blog posts on the project can be attributed to word that Discovery will release something official this year. We’ll keep you posted, in the meantime keep up at their Space.