The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Bodi Bill Best Videos

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Bodi Bill Best Videos

This week’s best videos is shorter than usual — I’m at SXSW with the rest of the Stereogum cast and crew. But I asked my friend Nate Buchik to help put curate a smaller selection of videos this column. He’s a video editor who edited Free Energy’s fun “Bang Pop” video among other projects. He also advises me on the most disgusting video still for the top of the post each week. So thanks to Nate, we’ve got videos from PS I Love You, Stanton Warriors, Yellowbirds, and Die Antwoord. The latter is actually Die Antwoord’s collaboration with director Harmony Korine. They made this week’s NSFW video, again, naturally.

PS I Love You – “Get Over” (Dir. Mike Portoghese)

I’ve mentioned my love for good house party performance videos, I think it’s easy to make them entertaining, but hard to make one stand out from others. I love the karaoke set up for the band’s live performance in this one, and the opening shots of the harsh and calm Canadian winter are also a nice contrast to the chaos inside. This video is safe for work, but if you’ve got a weak stomach, I’d stay away from 2:22-2:30.

Bodi Bill – Brand New Carpet (Dir. Stephane Leonard) (NSFW)

I am really into this trend of creative costumes under limited budgets. There was NewVillager’s “Lighthouse,” and last week’s “Forever Dolphin Love” clip. But director Stephane Leonard includes some nice effects and cool juxtapositions around the costumes as well.

Stanton Warriors – “Turn Me Up Some” (Dir. Messrs)

“Turn Me Up Some”‘s video is two weeks old, but it’s worth including. Nate appreciated the frenetic editing, I appreciated the frenetic dancing. Directing group Messrs use smart cuts to show the similarities between dancers’ very different styles, making their movements flow each other’s seamlessly.

Honorable Mention:

Yellowbirds – “The Rest Of My Life” (Dir. Sam Cohen)

NSFW Video Of The Week:

Die Antwoord in “Umshini Wam” (Dir. Harmony Korine)

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