Fischerspooner Cover Obscure R.E.M. Song

The final version of R.E.M.’s 2001 LP Reveal featured twelve tracks, however the original master (known as Reveal 1.0) contained two songs that didn’t make that final cut: “Free Form Jazz Jam,” and the excellently lush ballad “Fascinating” which was an unfortunate omission that gets some retrospective justice courtesy of Fischerspooner. Warren and Casey have covered the track at Michael Stipe’s request as a bonus to their forthcoming Entertainment LP. Mr. Fischer tells us how their version came together:

The song was written for Up but never released. So Michael told us he had this song and he thought it would be really good for us. He said ‘I think this song would be great for you and I think you guys should record it.’ Their version is very somber, so it was a challenge to figure out how were going to do it in our style. But it was great. Warren [Fischer] took it and sped it up. I love the lyrics and I love the melody, and everything about it just seemed right.

Seems Casey has the record wrong, but no matter: Fischerspooner’s is a listen-worthy take on a great song, dressing the song’s original pathos in a cloak of strings and electropop.

The glorious original:

Fischerspooner’s new album Entertainment is out 5/5. The “Fascinated” cover will be available as an album bonus track at iTunes.

[Fisherspooner photo by Dusan Reljin for, where you can watch a styled up FS video]