Hear Danger Mouse’s Jack White, Norah Jones Collaboration

Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s 15-song spaghetti western-inspired Rome is out next month. The collection features guest vocals by Jack White and Norah Jones: White does his thing on “Two Against One” (along with two others) and Jones her thing on “Black” (plus two). Read what White had to say about his vocal turn on “Two Against One” then listen to that one along with Rome’s lead single “Black.”

I rode around in a car, listening to the instrumentals. I had a handheld recorder and I sang whatever came to mind to all the songs. And it was the ones that spoke to me more and more, as I kept driving around, and I started to find phrases that meant something to me and vocal melodies that meant something, and built it up that way.

“Two Against One” (Feat. Jack White)

“Black” (Feat. Norah Jones)

(Via TwentyFourBit)

Rome is out 5/17 via Lex/EMI. You can pick up a “Two Against One” b/w “Black” 7″ via Third Man on 4/16 (Record Store Day).