Blood Orange – New 7″ And LP Soon, Free Mixtape Now

Blood Orange is Lightspeed Champion is former Test Icicle Devonté Hynes. The Brooklyn-via-London transplant’s shaping up to be as prodigious in moniker as output. Dev’s relentless stream of releases under various names and occasional collaboration recalls a Bob Pollard/Ryan Adams-styled attitude toward activity and, ultimately, idea documentation and dissemination, shifting the onus of editing to those ready to digest what he’s throwing. It’s a lot.

That said, Dev’s Blood Orange project is releasing its first official single in two weeks via Terrible Records. (Which brings some closure to his then-random inclusion on the Terrible Records coming-out party lineup at Glasslands a year and a half ago.) The 7″ will be produced by that label’s proprietor, Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor. A few months after that, Domino will release Blood Orange’s debut full-length. I haven’t heard that material, but I did catch a tremendous set Hynes performed in a loftspace recently: His set up again was solo, playing a guitar that took its tone from Prince’s Purple Rain era over instrumental backing tracks built on sensual ballads and simmering 808-era dance. To get a sense for that material, and while waiting for the official releases, there is a free mixtape which Dev says compiles “all the songs not on the album e.t.c that I’ve just made in my bedroom over the past couple of years, in between producing and writing for the Theophilus London record and the Solange Knowles record. Which is basically where these songs seemed to stem from.. all similar vibes i guess!”

I pulled a few of its highlights for your sampling, though the whole thing is here, too:

Blood Orange – “Telling (What’s Wrong With Me?)”
Blood Orange – “Drop Dead”
Blood Orange – “Casper Valleys”

Download the whole thing. Blood Orange has a Tumblr and there are some videos here, though that forthcoming first-official Blood Orange single on Terrible will get “a real video … instead of one of my weird video edits.”