Santigold – “GO” (Feat. Karen O)

“People want my power, and they want my station.” The first listen from Santigold’s Santogold followup is a call to arms and a declaration and its credits read like the intersection of aural worlds and styles that was her last album (and, apparently, this one): Nick Zinner on guitar, Switch and Santi and Q-Tip on production, Karen O on third-verse vocals. The lyrics hone in on the artist’s way, and the sad state of “the American dream” (i.e. vapid pursuit of empty fame), marrying themes like “Creator” and “L.E.S. Artistes” into a single serving. Hear it here now because it is good:

There’s an interview over at Jay-Z’s lifestyle website Life + Times. Album’s due whenever she manages to break all the “red tape.”