New Prefuse 73 – “Always Alone Choir”

This has been an amazing spring if you’re a Guillermo Scott Herren fan, and a truly expensive one if you’re a Guillermo Scott Herren completist. The master glitch purveyor has been in the process of releasing three albums and one EP, under three different names, over a six week period. There’s Savath Y Savalas, his collab project with Catalan singer Eva Puyuelo Muns and Roberto Lange (aka Helado Negro), which releases the La Llama LP tomorrow (it’s been out digitally since June); there’s Diamond Watch Wrists, Guillermo’s new project with Hella and Marnie Stern kit monster Zach Hill, which released its debut album Ice Capped At Both Ends, also last month; and then Herren’s de plumest of noms, Prefuse 73, which dropped the Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian LP last month, and is gearing up for a new EP release in June, titled The Forest Of Oversensitivity. It might be hard to decide where to start, so we’ve got a listen of each for you here. Up first is a listen from next month’s EP, “Always Alone Choir.”

Prefuse 73 – “Always Alone Choir”

Staying on the Prefuse 73, here’s a somewhat loopier, groovier cut from the Everything She Touched… LP:

Prefuse 73 – “Preparations Kids Choir” (MP3)

Considering how prolific Guillermo can be under his Prefuse name, and how awesome Zach Hill is playing drums for anything, I’ve been most intrigued by this Diamond Watch Wrists album. “Onward Push Me Out” doesn’t disappoint — think the lazier, hazier vocals of Herren’s Savath Y Savalas project married to busy but understated Zach Hella beats.

Diamond Watch Wrists – “Onward Push Me Out” (MP3)

And speaking of Savath Y Savalas, here’s the new LP’s title track (probably the densest of today’s sampler, worthy of headphones):

Savath Y Savalas – “La Llama” (MP3)

That’s a lot of faces for one man. If you want more, check this interview directed by Tim Saccenti by clicking here (.mov).

Take a look at The Forest Of Oversensitivity’s cover art, take a deep breath, and I’ll lay out the album/label info below. It’s a mouthful.

OK. Prefuse 73’s The Forest Of Oversensitivity EP is out 6/2 via Warp. Prefuse 73’s Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian LP is out now via Warp. The Diamond Watch Wrists album Ice Capped At Both Ends is also out on Warp. Guillermo’s Savath Y Savalas project has La Llama out digitally via Stones Throw (physical release is tomorrow 5/12), and also Herren’s contributing to the debut album from Savath member Roberto Lange’s project Helado Negro, although that isn’t out until 8/4 on Asthmatic Kitty.

OH and he’s working up a bunch of tour dates. But otherwise, pretty quiet year for the guy.