New Vampire Weekend – “M 79″

At first folks were probably scratching heads at BTW Vampire Weekend’s decision to give CMJ short shrift and take off for Europe after their (great) set at Other Music last Thursday (“but they’re a buzz band!”). Having progressed more in a few short months than most of their Brooklyn contemporaries will in years (if ever), what more could they have gained? And in the process, they avoided being the further focal point of inquests on ‘net buzz (see: NYT on Black Kids). But before taking off on their trans-Atlantic jaunt opening for the Shins and others, the fresh-faced pop crew did leave behind some souveneirs to remember them by, namely a Daytrotter session of live tunes, including the new cut “M 79.” They explain:

[Pic from VW’s CMJ set @ OM]

We just finished recording this song too. The final version is very different than this one. Rostam played piano here so I feel like it has a kind of honky-tonk vibe. On the album, there are a lot of different instruments and string arrangements. It?s named after a bus in Manhattan that goes across Central Park. There are usually a lot of old people on it ? maybe going to a museum or hospital on the Upper East Side.

Good tune. Expect it to sound fresh and new on their pending XL debut, and get your grab on at Daytrotter.