Brian Eno Drums Between The Bells Info, Sounds

Following on the heels of Small Craft On A Milk Sea, Brian Eno’s releasing a new collection, Drum Between The Bells, featuring the words of Rick Holland. He and Eno began working together in 2003 after meeting in the late ’90s through Eno’s collaborative Map-Making project, but Drum doesn’t include any of those early works. Take a listen to “Glitch” to get an idea of where things went.

Here’s the tracklist and some other details:

01 “bless this space”
02 “glitch”
03 “dreambirds”
04 “pour it out”
05 “seedpods”
06 “the real”
07 “the airman”
08 “fierce aisles of light”
09 “as if your eyes were partly closed as if you honed the swirl within them and offered me … the world”
10 “a title”
11 “sounds alien”
12 “dow”
13 “multimedia”
14 “cloud 4″
15 “breath of crows”

The album features the voices of Eno, Grazyna Goworek, Caroline Wildi, Laura Spagnuolo, Elisha Mudly Aylie Cooke, Holland, Nick Robertson, and Anastasia Afonina.

Drums Between The Bells is out 7/5 via Warp. It’ll be available in a few formats: A 44-page hardcover book with a double CD (one CD featuring instrumental versions of the tracks), a double LP, a straight-up CD, and as a digital download.