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The 8 Best Videos Of The Week

This week we’ve got new videos from Wiley, Jessie J, Beastie Boys, and many others. Some of these videos have strong female leads — whether it’s the artist herself, or a great actress. With the very last two videos this week, I’m most impressed with how the actresses are able to express so much longing and anger in such a short amount of time. Check it out:

Nerina Pallot – “Put Your Hands Up” (Dir. Aneil Karia)

This adorable one-shot video was directed by Aneil Karia, who’s also directed a lot of sketch shows for the BBC and a tour documentary for Jonsi. Here the background players to Nerina Pallot’s city stroll perform short, impeccably timed dance sequences, almost like what you’d see in an old musical.

Beastie Boys – “Make Some Noise” (Dir. Adam Yauch)

Adam Yauch has directed a few things for the Beastie Boys under his pseudonym/alter ego Nathanial Hörnblowér. His “Make Some Noise” clip isn’t particularly innovative, but there’s something very satisfying about spotting and naming all the celebrities he’s assembled for this clip

Jessie J- “Nobody’s Perfect” (Dir. Emil Nava)

Emil Nava’s directed videos for a few Brit up-and-comers, and has directed something of a working partnership with Jessie J — he directed her “Do It Like A Dude” and “Price Tag” clips, but this is by far the most complex and expensive of their videos. I’m not a fan of the song, but I love the colors, characters, and set design. They’re all over-the-top and a little vulgar, like Jessie J.

Wiley – “Numbers In Actions” (Dir. Us)

This video of small loops, physics, and numbers fits the title perfectly. There are 34 total Wileys in the video if you count them all (going by the numbered t-shirts, there are 32). You can check out behind-the-scenes photos and storyboards here.

Augustana – “Steal Your Heart” (Dir. Spence Nicholson)

Bokah is a Japanese word that means the type or quality of the out-of-focus parts of a photograph. Different camera lenses produce different shapes of bokeh, and you can create filters to re-shape these twinkling backgrounds. That’s what’s going on here — Spence Nicholson and co. created dozens of custom filters that shaped the background fireworks into lyrics, hearts, etc. It’s a simple and pretty effect that is entirely done inside the camera. (via Video Static)

Honorable Mention:

Delay Trees – “About Brothers” (Dir. Teemu Erämaa)

Mason – “Boadicea” (Ft. Roisin Murphy) (Dir. Ron Scalpello)

(via Promo News)

Principe Valiente – “In My Arms” (Dir. Henning Cronheim)

(via Promo News)