Premature Evaluation

Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 Premature Evaluation

Unlike the Beastie Boys’ instant vintage, nostalgia and cameo-heavy video for lead single “Make Some Noise,” Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 features just two guests. Both are significant, though: there’s Nas on “Too Many Rappers,” tying them to an old NYC colleague, and there’s “Don’t Play No Games That I Can’t Win” with its cameo from Santigold, representing the neighborhood’s genre-smashing scene they helped create with their work in hip hop, their roots in hardcore, and their futuristic productions with the Dust Brothers. All of which is to say, the Beastie Boys of now are interested in partying with the Beastie Boys of then — the ones that star in the “Fight For Your Right” video and its FunnyOrDie-styled update, as well as the ones that made Check Your Head and got left behind by the post-9/11 seriousness of To The Five Boroughs and the instrumental space-out of The Mix-Up. As we said with “Say It,” this really does play like the re-up on Check Your Head: hear it in the playfulness of their ADHD wise-assery, the novelty dips back toward punk (“Lee Majors Come Again” stars as this album’s “Time For Livin,” albeit slower as fitting their advanced age), the stoner groove of “Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament.” Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 has the Beastie Boys sounding excited again to be the Beastie Boys, bringing back those playful punchline trio rhymes, quick quips, and skewed and flanged production; it will be kind to summertime-party-playlist makers.

Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 is out 5/3. You can watch a replay of this weekend’s MSG boombox livestream below, or stream the explicit version of the LP at



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