Invisible Conga People – “In A Hole” / “Can’t Feel My Knees”

In 2008 Invisible Conga People cut a fantastic 12″ for Mike Simonetti’s Italians Do It Better label fronted by “Cable Dazed,” a mesmerizing minimalist dance track unspooling over six minutes of witchy kraut throb. Some years and a label later they return with a new 12″ for DFA titled “In A Hole” b/w “Can’t Feel My Knees” (with a bonus dub of each). This is good news, because Invisible Conga People remain capable of making good music. DFA’s releasing the record on 5/5, and has posted up its first sounds via one of their “White Out” sessions, wherein a camera’s trained on the vinyl as it is stamped, then placed and played on a turntable. Candles are lit, fittingly — on “Hole” ICP continue mining their languid, nearly ritualistic dance feel. The track creeps at around 90BPM, guest Willow Gibbons’ (aka Bow Ribbons) screwed vocals (and spectral “oohs” from Justin Simon) pairing with reverberating synths and the sort of early ’80s post-disco congas that would make their Arthur Russell-loving labelmates proud. At around 7:15 of the video you get the b-side “Can’t Feel My Knees,” quicker and brighter and also nice, like a more restrained take on their boss’s recent woozy synth-pop anthem “I Can Change.” Both stately and of a piece in pace and production, both here for you to hear. (UPDATE: Also there is MP3 of the “Can’t Feel My Knees” dub, if you like.)

Invisible Conga People – “Can’t Feel My Knees Dub”

DFA is giving away three copies of the 12″ to people who like this video on Facebook (it’s the unobtrusive sort of “Like” that doesn’t appear on your Facebook Wall and also shoot me for knowing so much about Facebook). Invisible Conga People are celebrating the 12″ by DJing a release party from midnight to 4AM this Saturday night at the Cameo Gallery on N. 6th St. in Williamsburg. Facebook, of course, has details.

And take in “Cable Dazed,” their ace from ’08.