Wavves, Diplo, Pictureplane Model Mishka

Wavves’ Nathan Williams, Pictureplane’s Travis Egedy, HEALTH, Glitch Mob, Tearist, and Diplo are among the musicians you can see in Mishka’s lookbook teaser video. It’s a preview of their summer look, and, by reading this description of the collection, it sounds like they’ve picked the right bands to use:

Gonna be a lotta tanks and tees, and some button-downs for good measure. Fitteds and cheap sunglasses. Shorts and laziness. Not shaving and just jumping in the ocean instead of bathing…it’s gonna be one hell of a smelly season. Some us are threatening to go for that “desert island castaway” look: every now and again they’ll just give themselves a gentleman’s shower with a bar of soap in a bar bathroom. Man, we’re gonna drink so much and do so many drugs that John Belushi’s ghost is going to appear and grant us three wishes. Oh yeah! Summertime, here we coooooooooome!

Well, maybe that doesn’t describe Diplo so much, since he’s looked clean and well groomed for his ads for Alexander Wang and Blackberry.

Don’t forget the label’s Spring lookbook, which included Das Racist and CREEP among its models.