Hella – “Untitled” (Stereogum Premiere)

In 2007 I wrote a brief, less-than-positive review of Hella’s There’s No 666 In Outer Space, the record where the Sacramento noise-rock duo expanded to a quintet and started sounding like a rootsy Mars Volta. It appeared in SPIN. The guys gamely turned the pith into a t-shirt. My issue with There’s No 666 was (what I saw as) the aimlessness created by those extra members — i.e. the shift didn’t seem necessary. So then, four years later, it’s great to be able to announce that Hella have a new album on the horizon that finds the core of guitarist Spencer Seim and drummer extraordinaire Zach Hill back as a streamlined, well-oiled twosome. As of today the 10-song album has no title. Ditto this song. But you can still listen to it just fine. And it shreds.

Hella – “Untitled”

Hella’s asking fans to create a video to go with the song. Once you do, post it to YouTube and/or the band’s Facebook page. The goal is to find “the most amazing, insane, awesome videos possible.”

Look for the album at the end of July or first week in August via Sargent House.

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