Alex Winston – “Sister Wife” Video

The last time we looked at Detroit singer Alex Winston’s “Sister Wife,” the track was tagged “a more modern-backbeat affair, with a big, breezy hook and deceptively hefty lyrics fusing female roles a la Cass McCombs.” Directors Noel Paul and Stefan Moore went with the fission over the fusion, with Alex in white than red, in stark light then shadows, accompanied by feline and serpent. It’s vaguely biblical and surprisingly bloody for such a sweet sounding song, but you can thank standout performances from the white kitty’s puke scene and Alex’s business casual/bare-legged wardrobe for keeping things light, and airy.

Take it:
Alex Winston – “Sister Wife”

And a couple of remixes, one previously posted by Star Slinger:
Alex Winston – “Sister Wife (Star Slinger Remix)”

And this new remix by Ladyhawke:
Alex Winston – “Sister Wife (Ladyhawke Remix)”

Alex’s Sister Wife EP is out now via HeavyRoc.