Arctic Monkeys – “Reckless Serenade”

Between his Arctic Monkeys LPs, the charming baroque pop side-project the Last Of The Shadow Puppets, and a wonderful solo turn over six tracks on the plaintive Submarine soundtrack EP, Alex Turner has proven himself the sort of songwriter that takes lyrics to heart, after taking them through repeat edits in his head. As such Turner’s prose would be given closeup treatment regardless of content, but all the more so when he’s cooing on about a pretty girl. How pretty? “Topless models doing semaphore wave their flags as she walks by and get ignored.” That pretty. Take “Reckless Serenade”‘s words out of their somewhat chipper albeit confessional rock context and you have a very clever coffee shop serenade; instead, with its fuzzy bass intro and full band dressing, it lives up to its track title. From the forthcoming LP Suck It And See:

Arctic Monkeys, Reckless Serenade by Daniyrselfclean
(via 24Bit)

Suck It And See is out 6/6 in the UK and the next day in the US via Domino. See also: “Brick By Brick” and “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair.”