Odd Future Bottled In Detroit

Maybe a Tegan & Sara fan infiltrated Odd Future’s show at Detroit’s Majestic Theatre. As the band recounted via Tumblr, they were pelted with bottles — a la Guns ‘N Roses or Morrissey — very early into their set. Here:

The Odd Future Detroit Show Was Ended Short When Some Asshole Decided To Continue To Throw GLASS BOTTLES On Stage. The First One During The First Song Was Whatever, Almost Hitting Syd, We Got Over It. The Second One Went Right Past Domos Face, Landing Near Syds Feet, Almost Cutting Her Up. She Said Fuck It And Wasnt Gonna Wait For The 3rd One To Do Any Damage. Which Was Thrown 30 Seconds Later. Sorry Guys, But When you Are Throwing Big Ass Glass Bottles On Stage, Niggas Is Not Going To Wait Until One Cracks Then In The Head Or Shatters And Gets In Their Eyes Or What Ever. Sucks That One Guy Fucked It Up For All The Kids Who’ve Waited For So Long For The Gang To Come Out, Only To End So Quick. Overall, The Crowd Was Fucking Great, Thanks Detroit. BTW, Syd And Everyone Else Is OK.

And via @fucktyler:

Detroit Was So Fucking Tight…Until The 3rd Glass Bottle Almost Hit Us…Then Niggas Fired On Niggas….Then We Left…Still Cool Tho. Fuck

The footage:

The Germs would’ve kept playing.

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