The Weeknd – “Rolling Stone”

The last time Toronto’s spacy and sexed up narco-pop project the Weeknd was on this page, we had links to its Twitter and Tumblr, “just no profile photo (yet).” Since then the outfit’s become more visible: its singer now has a name (Abel Tesfaye) and likeness (above, and here), “High For This” was co-opted by Entourage. As for the Twitters and Tumblrs, @theweekendxo’s revealed there are two more mixtapes on the way this year, Drake’s used his account to talk about being in the studio with them, and last night on Tumblr the Weekend let go of this song (and photo) for the previously unheard “Rolling Stone.” That’s below, along with a bunch of pre-mixtape demos that started circulating this week featuring production team the Noise and including one demo for Drake titled “Birthday Suit.”

Older songs:

Unreleased The Weeknd by k.niteh
(via P4K)

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