The Men – “( )”

New York-based Kraut-punk, Suicide-sampling quartet the Men’s first widely available release, Leave Home, gives plenty of goosebumps: The guys shove hardcore into a dark place then stretch it with furious noise, no-wave, DIY industrial, escalating post-punk instrumentalism, Lungfish-esque raga, a metal beat-down, and, most of all, old-time NYC energy and grit. Leave Home’s also exciting because it reaffirms that brainy experimentation can (and ideally does) remain blue collar/zero bullshit/lots of fun. Take a listen to the raging “( )” and then “Bataille,” the song it sideswipes.

The Men – “( )”

Story Of The Eye:

The Men – “Bataille”
(Via Village Voice)

Leave Home is out via Sacred Bones. Catch the Men, and share a drink, at that 6/17 show we’re doing with Iceage, Prurient, Yellow Tears, DJ Wes Eisold, labelmates/fellow travelers BTW Pop. 1280, etc. Makes perfect sense, obviously. More details.

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