Artist Polaroids From Bonnaroo 2011

Festival photography is generally delivered from the vantage of the photo pits, and so we did, but this year we decided to present a more unique perspective on Bonnaroo’s sights. With the help of Graeme Flegenheimer, we distributed Polaroid cameras amongst some charming artists and told them to shoot whatever they wanted. In the gallery above is what they gave us back: over 100 select shots, some with scrawled captions, so you can get a sense of what Bonnaroo’s stars were looking at when they weren’t onstage looking back at you. Realizing that’s a lot of photos to sift through, here are links to the gallery start points for each band that participated in our inaugural Bonnaroo Artist Polaroid project:

Special honors to Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry’s for this wonderful shot creatively capitalizing upon an opportunity to pose with Mr. David Byrne.

Big thanks to Graeme Flegenheimer for his efforts distributing and collecting those Polaroid cameras, scanning and otherwise producing this project.

If you missed it, check out stage shots from Thursday & Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.