Brian Eno – “Bless This Space” & “Pour It Out”

As “Glitch” (and a contributor list) suggested, Brian Eno’s new collection Drum Between The Bells focuses on voices, all reciting the words of poet/collaborator Rick Holland. (It gets pretty chatty, really, so if you’re looking for spacious, latter-day instrumentals head to 2010’s Small Craft On A Milk Sea.) One of Drum’s best tracks is the gentle “Pour It Out,” a song that makes me think of the Books (or old Godspeed without any major crests). Take a listen to that one along with noodling jazzy opener “Bless This Space,” a song I’m hoping William Shatner finds the time to cover.

“Bless This Space”

“Pour It Out”

Drums Between The Bells is out 7/5 via Warp. It’ll be available in a few formats: A 44-page hardcover book with a double CD (one CD featuring instrumental versions of the tracks), a double LP, a straight-up CD, and as a digital download.

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