Weekend’s “End Times” Soundtracks Dexter Season 6 Teaser

When the House Of Balloons mixtape dropped, it was important to distinguish its then-clandestine Canadian creator The Weeknd from the San Fran noise-pop group with a similar, albeit conventionally spelled name. Not so much anymore. The Weeknd’s is a well known entity, earning heaps of praise and a Polaris Music Prize long list mention, and it is thanks to the show Dexter that we get to talk again about Weekend and their Sports LP, a fine, fuzz-blasted guitar-pop set that was also one of my honorable mentions for 2010’s best albums. And, as it goes, it is thanks to the band Weekend that Stereogum gets to talk about Dexter, which is SUCH A GOOD SHOW. Except Season 5, which cast Hollywood’s Juila Stiles in hopes her glamor would compensate for what was otherwise a relatively ho-hom transitional season from a show that consistently pulls out heartstopping plot twists without feeling maudlin or manipulative. If you haven’t watched, do it just so you can get to Hollywood’s John Lithgow’s instant classic character in Season 4. And if you HAVE watched, here’s the teaser for Season 6! It seems like there will be no Hollywood stars, just a stark emphasis on Dexter’s killing nature, which is all welcome. And as song titles go, “End Times” is as good as any to pair with a creepy closeup of a vigilante serial killer. It comes from Weekend’s Sports LP, and you can download it after checking the clip.

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Take it forever:

Weekend – “End Times”

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