Girl Talk’s 154-Track BBQ Playlist

The alphabetical summertime playlist Gregg Gillis’ created for Vulture opens with Aaliyah’s “Try Again,” ends with Zhane’s “Hey Mr. DJ,” and finds a spot for Guided by Voices’s “Game of Pricks” in between: “On the tour bus, people will be passing around the iPod, and there’s a feeling of ‘Oh, man, no one thought he’d put this on’ or ‘What is this again!?’ That sensation is also important for a tight summer mix.” He says this particular soundtrack is something to listen to “while hanging out on your porch all afternoon.” In addition to posting the tracklist and additional song commentary, Vulture organized the entire thing into four alphabetical YouTube playlists. So you can also listen while hanging out on your laptop all afternoon.

[Girl Talk photo by J Caldwell]

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