JEFF The Brotherhood – “Health & Strength (Heavy Version)” (Stereogum Premiere)

JEFF The Brotherhood got sweaty with Fucked Up and Iceage at 285 Kent a couple of weeks ago. In that punk spirit, here’s a revved version of “Health & Strength,” a track that appears in lighter sitar-threaded psych form on the Nashville siblings’ We Are The Champions. This one’s from a limited-edition (500 pressed, now sold out) tour 7″. As JEFF’s Jake Orrall explains, it’s the track’s original form:

The heavy version of “Health and Strength” is actually the original version. It was recorded at the same session as “Mellow Out” and “Diamond Way” but we never ended up using it for anything. When we did the session for We Are the Champions, we were messing around with different versions of some songs with totally different instrumentation, so we had our friend Ryan come in and do sitar on it. I played the violin and Jamin put some towels over his drums. We laid on a bunch of reverb and got real spiritual with it, and we liked it so much we put it on the album. So here’s the original heavy version, I think it’s pretty good.

Listen. It’s sorta like if the Ramones grew up in Tennessee.

JEFF The Brotherhood – “Health And Strength (Heavy Version)”

We Are The Champions is out now via Infinity Cat/Warner. The above “Health & Strength” isn’t on it. As a reminder, JEFF The Brotherhood are joining Pentagram and Valient Thorr on a Haunting The Chapel-sponsored US tour in August. You can win tickets to it if you hop over here.

[Photo by Chad Wadsorth]