Teen Daze – “The Harvest” (Stereogum Premiere)

Fittingly, Teen Daze, the project of a guy in Vancouver named Jamison, surfaced on the site last July with “Gone For The Summer Pt. Two” (and some remixes). A July later, he has a more autumnal offering “The Harvest” from his A Silent Planet EP. We’re told the six-song collection’s “an attempt at a re-creation” of Jamison’s reading of (and strong reaction to) C.S. Lewis’s novel Out Of The Silent Planet: “In order to do his visions justice, he couldn’t simply write an electronic album, or a lo-fi pop album, or anything that he’d become known for…” This is where he went:

Teen Daze – “The Harvest”

Feel free to pair it with Youth Lagoon.

A Silent Planet

01 “Surface”
02 “It Calls Me Under”
03 “I Fell Into The Light”
04 “The Harvest”
05 “Watch Over Me”
06 “Malacandra”

A Silent Planet is out 8/9 via Waaga. You can pre-order it now.

Teen Daze 2011

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